Beer Soap

Let's talk about the beer first...

- All beer is made from a complex blend of oats, barley, malt and wheat. Each brand of beer has a different combination of these grains, which are rich in vitamins and minerals and promote healthy skin. Hops are the major component for brewing beer. They are a rich source of flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants. They are also known to be antimicrobial which is the killing of microorganisms or suppressing their multiplication or growth. Hops are wonderful herbs which have many benefits as well as relaxing properties to them. They have Amino Acids which are skin softening. Hops have polyphenols and act as an anti-bacterial and contain amino acids which is skin softening. They are soothing to irritated skin and is highly conditioning.

Now....On to the Soap

Our soap is made from all natural oils including Olive Oil and luxury butters such as Shea Butter. We do not remove the glycerin that is naturally produced during the soap making process. Glycerin is a humectant and attracts moisture to your skin. It is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process and is vital for moisturizing the skin. (Many commercial soap manufacturers remove this quality product, glycerin, from their soap (which in turn will cause your skin to dry out), and sell it to companies that make lotion (which you'll have to buy because you used their soap that dried out your skin!).
There are NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO dyes, NO animal bi-products, and in some cases, NO fragrance. In the case that fragrance is added to a particular soap, we carefully create a blend of fragrances and essential oils to further enhance the natural fragrant characteristics of the hops used in that particular beer type.

Our Selections... $6.95 per bar Choose quantities for each bar, then punch the Black Button at the bottom of the page.

Qty: Abita Purple Haze (Black Raspberry Vanilla)

Qty: Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (McIntosh Apple)

Qty: Blue Moon (Orange Clove)

Qty: Bud Light (Bay Rum)

Qty: Bud Light (Cracklin' Birch)

Qty: Bud Light (Rain)

Qty: Bud Light Lime (Key Lime)

Qty: Budweiser (Oakmoss & Amber)

Qty: Busch (Rosemary Mint)

Qty: Coors Light (Orange & Goji Berry)

Qty: Corona Extra (Coconut Lime)

Qty: Dos Equis Especial (Rain)

Qty: Heineken (Honeysuckle)

Qty: Hilton Head Brewing - Tropical Lager (Jamaica Me Crazy)

Qty: Holy City Brewing - Pluff Mud Porter (Almond)

Qty: Holy City Brewing - Pluff Mud Porter (Butt Naked)

Qty: Holy City Brewing - Pluff Mud Porter (Coconut)

Qty: Holy City Brewing - Pluff Mud Porter (Driftwood)

Qty: Holy City Brewing - Pluff Mud Porter (High Tide)

Qty: Landshark (Honey Almond)

Qty: Landshark (Lemongrass)

Qty: Michelob Ultra (Little Black Dress)

Qty: Michelob Ultra (Misbehavin')

Qty: Miller High Life (Wild Mountain Honey)

Qty: Pabst Blue Ribbon (Frankincense & Myrrh)

Qty: Palmetto Brewing Pale Ale (Fripp Beach Baby)

Qty: Red Stripe (Butt Naked)

Qty: Redd's Apple Ale (McIntosh Apple)

Qty: Sam Adams Boston Lager (Bay Rum)

Qty: Sam Adams Boston Lager (Butt Naked)

Qty: Sam Adams Rebel IPA (Caramel)

Qty: Shock Top (Apple Jack & Peel)

Qty: Sierra Nevada (Grapefruit)

Qty: Sierra Nevada (Orange Clove)

Qty: Stella Artois (Bay Rum)

Qty: Yuengling Black & Tan (Caramel)