Moonshine Soap

We add Moonshine to every batch of our Handmade Moonshine Soaps. These bars have the same wonderful qualities as our Beer and Wine formulas. They offer properties such as luxurious lather, moisturizing, perfect hardness and creaminess. No chemicals or dye are ever added to our Moonshine Soap. You get an amazing bar of soap that is wonderful for your skin.

These makes perfect gift ideas for him and her! Don't have your brand or scent? We'll do our best to get it! And if you need special personalized labels for your event or organization, just contact us and we'll hook you up!


Our Selections... $6.95 per bar Choose quantities for each bar, then punch the Black Button at the bottom of the page.

Qty: Dark Corner Apple-Achian (McIntosh Apples)

Qty: Dark Corner Black Canyon (Black Canyon)

Qty: Dark Corner Butt Naked (Butt Naked)

Qty: Dark Corner Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle)

Qty: Dark Corner Hot Apple Pie (Apple Pie)

Qty: Dark Corner Wildberry (Bumbleberry)

Qty: Firefly Apple Pie (Apple Pie)

Qty: Firefly Blackberry (Blackberry Sage)

Qty: Firefly Caramel (Caramel)

Qty: Firefly Cherry (Cherry Bomb)

Qty: Firefly Strawberry (Strawberry)

Qty: Ole Smoky Apple Pie (Apple Pie)

Qty: Ole Smoky Blackberry (Blackberry Sage)

Qty: Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries (Cherry Bomb)

Qty: Ole Smoky Pineapple (Pineapple)