The Speakeasy

What makes our soap stand out?

FIRST...We NEVER use animal bi-products in our soap making process....EVER. This may shock you...
See what may be in your skin care products

It's shocking that major companies can use these animal bi-products and get a pat on the back for "recycling". We would rather use high quality ingredients and know that our customers are using quality products at a great price and they're wonderful for their skin.

SECONDLY... we don't use chemicals in our soap. to your cabinet and pull out a bar of "soap" that's still in the wrapper. Check the ingredients. Now, key some of the chemical names into a search engine to see what you've been putting on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ on your body with thousands upon thousands of pores. While bathing and/or showering, (especially when you're in a hot tub or shower), your pores open, soap enters the pores and when you get out, the pores begin to close as your body cools down. You are entrapping these unhealthy chemicals in your skin. Major soap manufacturers, yes, including Dove's "beauty bar", use different chemicals for just about everything. If they want a bar with more lather, they add a chemical. If they want a harder bar, they add another chemical. If they want it to be creamy, they add yet another chemical. And the whole time they are adding all these chemicals, they are removing glycerin. Glycerin is a natural product produced during the soap making process. It is a humectant which is intensely hygroscopic (water-loving) and therefore absorbs water to the skin. This keeps your skin from becoming dry and itchy. So why are they removing this skin loving glycerin? Because they sell it to companies that use it in creams and lotions....these are the same lotions you will need to put on your skin to keep it from feeling dry and itchy.

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