Wine Soap

Wine incorporated into our Handmade Natural Soap line offers healthy supporting properties to every batch. Wine is rich in antioxidants and adds nutritional value due to the grapes and therefore makes for a wonderfully healthy bar of soap. Grapes contain the anti-oxidant quercetin, flavonoids, vitamins (including Vitamin E) and minerals.

The red grape skin and seeds contain resveratrol. Resveratrol has health-promoting properties and is said to provide red wine with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Along with nutrients, the natural sugar content in wine makes for a fantastic lather-boosting bar of soap. So when we add wine to our handmade natural soap formula, these wonderful properties and qualities blend together to create a luxurious, creamy and moisturizing bar of soap.

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Qty: Cabernet Sauvignon - (Blackberry Sage)

Qty: Chardonnay (Apples & Oak)

Qty: Chardonnay (Key Lime)

Qty: Chardonnay (Little Black Dress)

Qty: Chardonnay (Midsummer Night)

Qty: Merlot (Black Cherry)

Qty: Pinot Grigio (Cranberry Apple Marmalade)

Qty: Pinot Grigio (Peach)

Qty: Pinot Grigio - (Rain)

Qty: Pinot Noir (Cranberry Apple Marmalade)

Qty: Pinot Noir - (High Tide)

Qty: Riesling (Beach Walk)

Qty: Riesling (Honey Almond)

Qty: Sauvignon Blanc (Cucumber Melon)

Qty: Sauvignon Blanc (Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro)